The hotel is the brainchild of José Antón Díaz, a visionary entrepreneur from Guayaquil, who became a prominent business leader on the national stage. He dreamed of a project that would be a beacon for pride for the people of the city.


In 1975, he began the building one of the first malls in Ecuador’s largest city, which would become known as the Unicentro. It would encompass spaces for meetings, conventions, banquets, restaurants, theatres, shops, and offices.

During its construction, however, Mr Díaz decided to turn the planned office spaces into a hotel, believing in the city’s tourism potential. The Unipark Hotel opened its doors in 1982, in time to be one of the host hotels of the World Swimming Championship. By this time, the spaces for conventions, banquets, and shops had already opened to the public.

The Unipark, with its 140 modern and comfortable rooms, café, bar, restaurant, gym, Jacuzzi, and five salons for events, has gone on to carve out a special place in the hearts of Guayaquileños and all those who have the good fortune to stay here.